Data Lake Consulting

Data Lake Consulting

Data lakes are challenging. There is so much data that it seems impossible to consume and analyze all of your data assets as fast as they are being produced. The data lake consultants at MGX Solutions provide the data lake consulting services that you need to make sense of it all. We will show you the best way to build a flexible and cost effective solution to your data needs.

Processing at the Speed of Data

The nature of the amount of data being collected processed means that data needs to be streaming and transient. If you do not capture data as it is produce, you may never get a chance to analyze it. Our data lake consulting team will help you capture, store, and organize this valuable information. Once data is in the lake, data scientists, data engineers, and software engineers can access the data for analysis.

One Hour Discovery Call

Why Not Your Enterprise Data Warehouse?

Make no mistake that your data warehouse is not for everything. Data warehouses store your organization’s business process metrics. This includes aggregated data sets and highly processed data used for measuring KPIs and metrics. Find out more about our data warehouse consulting services.

Your data lake, on the other hand, has a different type of valuable information. Your raw data is typically not stored in your data warehouse. And, your raw data is critical for data discovery teams. Data scientists, analysts, and research teams need all types of data for their analysis. That data is stored in your data lake and is readily accessible by your research teams. Get your team the data that they need when they need it.