Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting

MGX Solutions is the leader in project management consulting and PMO consulting. Our PMO consultants have the knowledge, experience, and skill that your team needs.

PMO Scope Management

Scope management ensures that a project contains all of the important elements. Scope refers to both the functions and features of a project as well as the necessary work needed to reach the end target by the project deadline.

Strategic Planning

Our project management consulting services ensures that the project begins with the proper charter. The level of strategic planning can make or break a project. The charter includes the project description, vision, and goals. Spending the extra time in the strategic planning phase can greatly improve the success of a project. Before our project management consultants even begin the strategic planning phase, they will conduct a feasibility study to determine the likelihood of a project’s success.

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Project Management Consulting Time Management

Time management can be taught when the instructors are masters of their own schedules. Project managers wear many hats and are thorough and organized. These time management services are taught and enforced to your teams.

Cost Management

Cost management services allow your project to stay on track with both the timeline and the budget. Hence, if a project is late, the budget will be missed. But, the project budget will be monitored and honored throughout. Cost management and estimation is critical to the success of a project.

Scope Control

Our project management consulting experts will lead and drive your project from planning to delivery. If the change does not make business sense, it should not be implemented. We are firm believers in delivering delivering a minimal viable product (MVP). For version two and beyond, we can add further enhancements. But, being first to market is such a valuable advantage.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality management is critical to successful project management. And, our PMO consultants understand how to maintain quality throughout the duration of the project. Furthermore, effective consulting is more than Gantt charts and other progress reports. Knowing when to use the right tools for the right job are critical.

Communications Management

Communications management provides the links between people, ideas, and information that are necessary for success. Hence, consultants know when to effectively reach out to clients (or prospective clients). Our consultants bring decades of experience in communication management.

Risk Management

Risk management is focused on maximizing the probability and consequences of positive events to project outcomes. Because, minimizing the probability and consequences of negative events to project’s outcomes.